The American Pawpaw Fruit

The Pawpaw Fruit, native to North America, might be the perfect fruit. But that's our opinion. Taste one and decide for yourself!

About the Pawpaw

The Pawpaw fruit is a delicious fruit grown in America and was once only found in the wild. More and more people are being drawn to this sometimes hard to find fruit and its amazing taste. Rich in healthy minerals like magnesium, zinc, iron, copper and manganese, the Pawpaw also has those hard to find amino acids. Learn more about the Pawpaw.

Need to find a Pawpaw?

This tasty fruit can be hard to find. The Pawpaw is the largest edible fruit in North America and by comparison, demand is getting larger. And, as demand grows for this lesser known fruit, your roadside farmer's market might be the place to find it, but get there early! If you can't find pawpaw fruit locally, you can try our list of places to buy Pawpaw fruit.

Growing the Pawpaw

Recently, NPR's morning edition, Allison Aubrey described the Pawpaw as a cross between a mango and a banana, "with a hint of melon." Her story also mentioned how, at times, growing the Pawpaw fruit is difficult. Learn more about the Pawpaw tree and even where to find one for yourself!