About The Pawpaw

About the American Pawpaw Fruit

According to Wikipedia, “The pawpaw is native to the Midwest, Southern and Eastern United States and adjacent southernmost Ontario, Canada, from New York west to eastern Nebraska, and south to northern Florida and eastern Texas.”

Asimina Triloba

The Pawpaw tree bears fruit that is large, yellowish-green with a hint of brown. It contains many large brown seeds within the edible fruit pulp. When the Pawpaw trees flower, the fruit is first green and then begins to mature in September and lasts through October. During this maturity stage, the fruit becomes yellow or brown.

They were first discovered by DeSoto who found Pawpaw trees growing and maturing in Mississippi by Indians. Today, people often find the fruit at farmers markets or buy Pawpaw fruit online. The more adventurous gardener might buy Pawpaw trees in order to bear fruit for themselves.