Pawpaw Fruit Trees

The Pawpaw Tree

tree leafThe Pawpaw tree is actually more of a shrub that can grow to be a small tree that bears fruit. These trees bear what is characterized as the largest native fruit to the united States. The Pawpaw can mature in both full sun and partial shade, but it is said that the Pawpaw fruit tastes better when the Pawpaw tree is exposed to full sun. Those who sell the trees will recommend that you purchase two trees in order to get the Pawpaw tree to bear fruit. You can currently purchase two (2) Pawpaw trees for less than $30 right now from Amazon.

Or, start from scratch and buy your own Pawpaw seeds.

There are some scientists who believe (and who are studying) the properties of the Pawpaw tree and the fruit it bears has the potential to fight against cancer cells. This is most likely due to the observation that few microorganisms tend to show interest in the Pawpaw fruit. Since insects seem to steer clear of the fruit, this has led some to describe the squeezing of the leaves for their oil to be used as an actual insect repellant.

Pawpaw Trees & Planting

According to the Kentucky State University Cooperative Extension Program, some of the ideal planting conditions of the Pawpaw tree are:

  • temperate humid growing zones
  • warm to hot summers
  • mild to cold winters
  • minimum of 32 inches of rainfall spread rather evenly throughout the year
  • majority of rainfall in spring & summer
  • a Pawpaw tree will not thrive in heavy soil or waterlogged soil

Where to Buy a Pawpaw Tree

plantingInterested in buying and growing a Pawpaw tree or trees? These two Pawpaw trees are for sale. You can even do a search on Google (clicking the link will open Google and run the search for you) or visit one of the Pawpaw tree sellers we’ve found for you:

The Nursery at TyTy
Blossom Nursery

This information is strictly informational and we make no guarantees to the quality of the nurseries listed above. Visit them and decide for yourself. And, if you don’t have a green thumb, you can simply buy Pawpaw fruit instead of trying to grow an entire Pawpaw tree. Or, pick up a handy guide to growing fruits and berries before attempting to grow your own Pawpaw tree.